Barcelona Black & White

I recently took a monthlong trip through Europe. I have been as a child, and has always longed to go back as an adult. I finally got my chance last summer when I was invited by one of my students to visit her in France.

I enjoyed so much of that trip….Amsterdam, London, Nice, Ibiza and Barcelona.
It was more work than I had anticipated. I also traveled with my pal Tricia, who was easygoing, and fun to travel with. You always wonder what you’re getting into when you take a trip with someone. I couldn’t have had a better partner in crime!

While I enjoyed seeing the sights on my trip, I have to say, that Barcelona eclipsed all. It could be for many reasons. But this was the most grounded part of my adventure, including a central location, a lovely AirBnB, and the rich culture, architecture, and the boundless, bustling energy through late into the night. I really got a chance to absorb the energy of the city and it has so much to offer! At every turn there is an incredible cathedral, church or architecture to be mesmerized by. There’s also almost always a fabulous restaurant terrace at it’s foot, offering cava, tapas and paella.

I wanted to share some of the photos I took in Barcelona. I’ll probably feature two albums. One in black and white, and one in color. What an amazing city! I so enjoyed getting lost in it’s streets, devouring the sights, not to mention the food!  At every turn there’s an incredible cathedral to wonder at. You can almost count on a chic little restaurant planted in front of it, where you can order cava and tapas while admiring the gothic architecture.

Have you been to Barcelona? What was your favorite part? I have been asked what my favorite thing about it was. I’d have to say the people for sure ; )

*I went black & white for these.If you’ve been, you’ll see Tibidabo, Montserrat,Casa Batló, Casa Mila, Besalu, and more.

Updated 10.18.19

Have been 9 times. May go a 10th. But major disruptions have occurred.
Some stalker action and shady dealings have interfered with my trips, but I don’t want to let that stop me from travel.
Living in #upsidedownworld
Keep Keeping On.
xo J

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