Mixed Media Leaf Mobile

The holidays have come and gone, but I’m still admiring some of the decorations we used this year.

Because our beautiful white tree of 7 years was damaged from our outdoor fireplace smoke, and half the lights had failed, we switched themes and blended our aqua ornaments with greens and golds.

One bare wall begged for an art piece or installation and I used one of my lazy Sundays to create this leaf mobile. I’d seen a few paper feathers and painted leaves on Pinterest. I thought it would be fun to make a fully painted leaf mobile. But I had a hard time covering up the beauty of the leaves with full paint.

Instead, I collected a few leaves from a tree in our alley, and even more from fine paper I used to make holiday garlands with. Then I brought out the details of the leaves with liquid gold acrylic paint.

It took my foggy holiday brain all day to assemble. No worries. Sundays are made for MasterPiece Theatre when you’ve sent your husband off to see the Seahawks play ; )

It won’t be a piece that stays around along time as the leaves are turning brown as expected. But that’s it’s own beauty and I’ll be challenged to replace the installation as it crumbles from the wall.

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