A Good Day

I am hoping to get into 3-5 stores within the next several months. Doing that seems to be a full-time job! You need photos of your work,
a web presence, in many instances a line-sheet, which includes wholesale pricing and minimums. I’ve dropped samples by a few stores
and still need to follow-up with them.
I’m lucky enough to have now gotten into my 2nd store! Sassafras, in the Belltown area of Downtown
Seattle has taken me on! YAY! I’ll be putting in a display once we can work out some space for me to show in : )


As I was showing the shop owner my cards, this amazing woman walked in.
She called me handsome and then bought my “This is F#*Awesome” card.
That made me feel pretty darn good….especially when minutes later she swapped
out “handsome” for “really beautiful”. I don’t think I’ve been called handsome ever before, but at this stage in my life, I’ll take it.

Especially when it’s from someone awesome like her : )
One of the biggest personalities I’ve met in a long time!
BTW, the owner of Sassafras is another Kick-Ass woman (Amy Tipton). She’s owned the place since Dec of this year, and is creating
a really, really, cool environment of Pacific Northwest designers to shop from. Really cool dresses, jewelry and of course artwork!

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